10 Ways For Recycling Old Clothes – Evergreen DIYs

1. SHORTS    

Via- sincerelykinsey.com 

Make your own customised shorts from your old Jeans and trousers that you have, further you can style it with laces or rip them to give a stylish look. Just wear your jeans and mark the desired length of your shorts and then just cut them off.  Your shorts are ready, and you can either stitch the ends of the shorts, can lace them up, or you can just leave them raw pulling some of the threads out. Voila! Sounds great? Doesn’t it?


sequence t-shirts

Via- a beautifulmess.com

For this, you need an everyday Tshirt, sequence lace or loose sequences of customised colours. After deciding what you’re going to draw/write on the Tshirt, make a temporary stencil for your design, and just fix your sequence lace with a glue stick and later sew them up. Stitch the attached lace on some spots so that it doesn’t fall off. And, finally just FLAUNT!!!!

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YES, ladies! This can actually be made. Just grab that long scarf and that too in no time. Just put the ends together and fold them outwardly hen just stitch up and leave the armholes.

scarf kimono clothes

Via: keepwithusjones.blogspot.in

You’ll get a rectangular sort of thing then just cut two triangles from the top which would become your head hole and then cut a rectangle from the front sew that will sum up your kimono. Stitch the edges to make them smooth.


Source: Purls of Wisdom

Well, Utilize the same floral pillowcase for this? Ever thought?  Measure the width of your arms and cut the cover accordingly and then cut a hole for your neck or you can give a V-shape. Just remember that you need to keep the closed part upwards and the open portion downwards. Style it with a belt or put on some elastic in the mid-region to complete the look.


I am quite sure that most of you must have tried this. So just put on jeans and with a marker or chalk mark places where you need the rip/patch on your jeans. Mark accordingly, after that simply take a blade and put a clean cut. After that, you can pull threads of your jeans to make it look messier.

rugged patched jeans

Via- google images

In case of patches just cut custom size patches fro old jeans or the jeans out which you made your shorts. Remember that the pieces should be of different shades just stitch them on desirable spots and its ready.


no sew strips skirt

Via- ourlifeisbeautiful.com

If you are a lazy lad, then this is just for you. As we all know that Strips are so much in fashion but why waste money on the same thing twice, thrice? If you have a Stripes T-shirt, then you can transform it into a skirt just have a look below.


t-shirt patched scarf

Via- blogtshirt.com

Well, patched scarf with a t-shirt? Confused? Don’t be. Just gather all your old t-shirts and cut them up into patches. Maybe the written part may bring some spice in the scarf. Cut them into equal proportions and then sew them up together. Mix and match colours and patterns. That would really look cool and funky.


cuffed studded jeans


Denim is evergreen and so as comfortable, you can add spice to your regular denim and can make it look great. Well, for this one just fold your jeans from the bottom and then add old cuff-links or new studs which can be purchased from the market. You can add some on the line of your pocket, and your old jean becomes new.


the collar

Via- bidiyideas.com

Love your old shirt but have used it many times? You can twist it. Merely stitch an elastic around the edges of your sleeves and give it a puffed look. Take an old tie of your dad and sew it along the collar old your shirt. For this first, you need to cut the collar into a round shape if it is in a V shape or has an existing collar. Just fold the length of the tie in a zigzag manner and then slowly and carefully stitch it along your cut collar. Finally, the new shirt is ready.


Ruffles are always in fashion, so are t-shirts *winks*. If you are also a ruffle fan then, take out your t-shirt and create a ruffle top of it.

ruffled tube top

Via- googleimages

Cut the Shirt from the collar and cut the sleeves too. Then secure an elastic strip on top and from another T-shirt make ruffles out of it. Stitch the ruffles on the top of the top and youtube top or off shoulder top is ready.


Source: Etsy

Have spare bronze rings but bored of wearing them the same way? No problem! Pull a chain through one of them to form a necklace. Use a thin leather chord or a thick black thread for a casual look. For a chic-bohemian look you could always experiment with a bronze-colored chain and colorful beads. It is also possible to loop opposite ends of the ring and weave a bracelet using different braiding threads.

These were some innovative DIYs that can be done at home quickly. You can also make an off shoulder shirt from your dad’s old shirt and a cold shoulder top from your old t-shirt.

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