10 Amazing Wardrobe Essentials for you this Summer

When it comes to a night or a day out, we women know the struggle behind it. Summer has always been terrible to us regarding clothing. The time we take to find the perfect dress, matching heels and the perfect accessories is way too much. It is indeed a huge struggle.

So next time you go shopping check that you have all the 10 essentials in your wardrobe.

The Denim Jeans

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Whenever one talks about a wardrobe essential denim jeans are the first thing that pops up in anyone’s mind. Denim jeans can be paired up with anything you want to. They are perfect must-haves. A denim jean which fits you completely should be present in every wardrobe. It is best for casual use as well as for your night outs. Everything falls perfect with a denim jean may it be a casual tee, top or a kurta.

2. White Tee

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It’s not possible for us to wear glammed up outfits every day. When one needs to be basic, a casual white tee is a must have because its perfect for a day out plus it makes it seem casual. Wearing a plain white top with your denim and a casual shoe is what I call a perfect outfit for the day when you need to be casual.

Don’t have an outfit for the evening? Top your white top with a perfect coat, boots and light makeup, it’s perfect for an evening.

3. Little Black Dress

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We women know how much we love night-outs. When it comes to a night-out everyone prefers black. The colour black outshines almost every colour. A little black dress that hugs your body perfectly is an essential wardrobe must have for every woman. May it be a night out or a day-out, a black dress can always be worn.

Wear it with a denim jacket and white shoes for a casual look. For a party, outfit pair it up some matching accessories and your high heels.

4. Flared Pants

Flared pants are comfortable and can be worn anywhere. They are true Monday-to-Sunday attire. Flared pants can be used in different ways. May it be a night-out, shoot or a formal interview or a meeting, flared pants always come to the rescue. Top it up with a crop top and heels for a perfect night out.

Bored of wearing your pencil skirt and formal pants for office? substitute your formal pants with a flare pant. It’s comfortable and adds dimension to your look. Top it up with a shirt and heels for a formal meeting or an interview.

5. A Floral Kurta

A kurta is proclaimed to be a traditional attire of women. A kurta enhances ones beauty and so is a must have for every woman. Bored with western outfits? Try wearing a kurta. Wear a kurta with a matching trouser or a legging for a casual look. For adding more to your look wear matching accessories.

Everyone wishes to be updated with the fashion trend. Yet sometimes it might be difficult to follow it, especially when wearing a kurta. But wait, we got your back. Wear your kurta with knee-cut denim and a white shoe or your flats.

6. Black Heels

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Every woman wishes to wear dresses but while wearing a dress we often fail in choosing our matching pair of sandals. Flats give it a very look. A pair of black heels is a must have for every woman especially who loves partying. Black heels are perfect with any outfit, may it be denim or a dress.

7. White Sneakers

(Image credit: Paste Magazine)

Isn’t it difficult to wear heels every day?

Having a pair of white sneakers to replace your black heels is a must-have. Wear your white shoes with denim or a kurta or even with a dress, everything looks perfect. If you want to find more variants of the shoes, check out Sportsly.Net

8. Saree

(Image credit: Manish Malhotra)

A saree defines the look of every woman. So, go grab your favourite saree that you can wear on weddings and various occasions. Also, wearing a saree doesn’t need an occasion.

9. Denim Shirt

(Image credit: Show Fashion Shop)

A normal denim shirt serves various purposes when it comes to dressing up. Wear it with a tank top and your denim jeans for a casual look.

Not comfortable with the sleeveless dress? Wear it with your denim shirt and a white shoe, its casual yet trendy.

10. White Shirt

(Image credit: Hawes and Curles)

Just like a plain white top a white shirt also plays an important role in a wardrobe. The colour white is often associated with “being sexy”. A lot of influencers feel white shirt as “sexy” when paired up with golden accessories and bottoms. A white shirt can be used in many ways. it can be used as formal outfit and also as a brunch or a dinner date outfit.

When it comes to being formal, white is often the colour chosen by many. Have a formal meeting to attend? Wear it with a black pencil shirt, stockings and your heels for a formal look. You can also add a black blazer of your choice.

Have a dinner date? Top it up with your denim jeans and makeup. It’s a perfect match for dinner.

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