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Is Drinking Urine As Medicine The New Trend? Read On To Find Out

Urine As Medicine

A Lot of F.R.I.E.N.D.S. series fan would have a flashback when I say that urinating on a jellyfish sting helps to heal it. That was not just an out of the blue concept for a few laughs. That fact about peeing on the jellyfish sting goes back to historical times.

Urine therapy or use of one’s own urine as a cure has been around for centuries.

A few religious or spiritual practitioners prescribe urine as a medicine for a myriad of ailments.

Does Urine have the power to heal? Let’s find out what the modern science have to say about it!

A British naturopath John W. Armstrong established auto-urine therapy as an alternative medicine in the early 20th century.

He made use of urine as medicine to heal minor stings and toothaches. The Yogic-texts such as ‘Vayavaharasutra‘ by Bhadrabahu and ‘Hath Yoga Pradapika‘ by Svatmarama, and Ayurvedic texts such as ‘Sushruta Samhita‘,’Brava Prakasha‘ and ‘Harit‘ also mention the uses of urine.

There are claims that drinking one’s own urine as medicine, or massaging the skin or gums, etc with urine has some therapeutic properties.

A cancerous tumor can be cured by drinking one’s own urine. The logic behind it is that the urine of the cancer patient has some tumor proteins filtered out by the body. These tumor proteins act as antigens. This helps to fight the cancer cells. However, none of these claims have any medical research to back it up. There is no scientific evidence whatsoever to prove the therapeutic properties of urine as medicine.

Modern Day Claims

Urine is a waste product that the body is trying to get rid of. The kidneys filter out the by-products created during the metabolic processes, which are of no use to the body.

Thus, putting back in your body what the body is trying to get rid of from the system does not seem to make much sense.

Furthermore, it is claimed dehydration can be possibly prevented with urine. However, the urine has urea and a higher concentration of salts such sodium chloride, creatinine, potassium etc. These salts can further leave you all the more dehydrated.

Another claim says, peeing on the jellyfish sting helps heal the bite. However, Scientific American reports suggest that urine can activate the nematocysts at the site of the sting, which can worsen the pain.

In conclusion, urine does not have any major toxic effects on your body. But, it certainly does not have any healing properties.

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Dr. Nida Kazi

Dr Nida Kazi is a health coach & nutritionist specialising in sports nutrition and Doctor of alternative medicine (M.D, A.M). She is a fitness enthusiast and firmly believe in the priniciple of eating right and exercising regularly. She likes exploring different cuisines and finding the interesting facts behind all foods and researching their origin. And what is life without a little sliver of nature, her interests involve hiking in the woods, going on adventurous expeditions and water sports.

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